"I wanted to get braces and wanted to get it from a good orthodontist. So I did my research and went to 4 different consultations including one from Legacy. The other orthodontists said that I wouldn't need any extractions, even though I had crowding. However, Dr. William Chen and Dr. Pham from Legacy, recommended an extraction due to crowding, which made more sense, because if I didn't get an extraction then my teeth would extend out. So I decided to get my braces done here which I love going to. The doctors and staff here are welcoming and friendly every time I walk into the office. They take their time working on my braces and never rush. The cool part about going here is that they have this rewards system called "Legacy Cash" where you get these money cards and if you earn up to a certain amount, you redeem them for prizes such as movie tickets, go kart racing, ipods, and even an ipad! You earn them by going to your appointments on time, getting your regular cleanings done, and other things to motivate you. Overall I love going here and definitely recommend this office to anyone who wants braces done by professionals who know what they're doing and who take their time working on you."

Nina B.

"Dr. Chen and the staff at Legacy Orthodontics have been amazing. I decided to fix some minor problems in my bite as an adult and couldn't decide if I wanted to wear braces again. I initially took my son there for his braces and soon after decided to start a treatment plan myself. I couldn't imagine better. It has been easy to make appointments and the staff throughout the office is welcoming and friendly. It is clear they all enjoy working for Dr. Chen. I look forward to a perfect smile again and am truly glad I decided to have my family be part of the Legacy Orthodontics family."

Sandie Toohey

"Legacy Orthodontics Rocks! Thanks Dr. Chen and your staff for making my braces really cool and my smile so colorful. You have such a great office where everyone is so nice and always in a good mood. Its a fun place to visit and I'm glad my mom chose your office for my braces!"

Colin Toohey

"Legacy Orthodontics is the place to go for braces! Professionalism, perfection, and friendly atmosphere is Legacy Orthodontics. My son just had his braces taken off and they are as straight as straight can be ... very satisfied! Looking forward to using Dr. Pham again with my other two sons when the time comes for them to wear braces."

Thank You!

Dana Reed

"I've always been one to be very apprehensive and uncomfortable when it comes to anything medical or dental. The thought of teeth being pulled and needles is very unsettling to me to say the least. I've recently decided that I wanted to correct some crowding with my teeth and just be happier with my smile which I've always been somewhat insecure with. I was talking to a friend and he recommended I go into Legacy Orthodontics for a consultation for braces (this would be the 3rd different office I was seeking consultation with, I was not happy with the 1st two)."

As I first walked into Legacy Orthodontics, I was pleased to see that the office was very modern and spacious. I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and they managed to put me at ease. I didn't have to wait long at all and was introduced to Dr. Pham.

Not only was Dr. Pham knowledgeable and informative, he was able to clearly communicate the whole process to me and make me comfortable with the decision that I was making. He had an uncanny way of relating to me and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Most doctors throw complex jar-gain at their patients but not Dr. Pham, he was able to express and convey his message in a way that I was able to understand completely. After the consultation, I was able to ask all the questions that I had and that was when I knew that this was the man that was going to give me my million dollar smile.

I believe choosing the right doctor and office is the most essential part of the whole braces experience and I would recommend Legacy Orthodontics to anyone thinking about getting braces or other work done on their teeth.

Oh, they also have a really cool X-ray machine that does a complete 360 degree rotation around your mouth without any physical contact. I loved this because I hate the X-ray process when they have to stick those uncomfortable pads in your mouth.

Robert C.

"When I was treated by Dr. Chen, I knew I was in good hands! Dr. Chen is a perfectionist when it comes to his profession. He designed a treatment plan for me with minimal discomfort, reasonable duration time, and all the while preserving / enhancing my smile. Contrary to other proposals I received, Dr. Chen was able to find space to straighten my teeth without pulling good teeth out! His intelligence and integrity won 100% of my trust. I live over 1 hour away from his office, but I gladly made the monthly visits to his office because it's worth it! Now when I look at myself in the mirror, I only wish I could have done it sooner!"

Bella D.

"We looked around quite a bit for the right orthodontist for our son. We chose Legacy and are very happy to have done so. The office is very modern and clean. The staff, especially Cindy made us feel comfortable. She was very professional and explained everything in a way we could understand. We didn't feel pressured or confused whatsoever. Whenever we have a question, she is always attentive to our needs. Dr. Pham has been perfect as well. Thank you Cindy and Dr. Pham for the great smile!!!"